Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Salem's Lot

I love books, and I always find time to read them, even when I have a lot of things to do. Usually is before I go sleep, when I am comfortable in my bed, then I can relax and enjoy the lecture. It is because in the morning there is no time and usually in the afternoon I am busy with othe rstuff. 

I also always take my book with me when I am travelling. There is no better way to spend the time in the train or a bus than a book! Maybe music, but with a book the time pass really fast. I used to read in pubblic transports but now my flat is very close to the university and to the city centre so I don't youse trams and buses anymore.

Now I am reading "Salem's Lot", a horror fiction novel, written by Stephen King in 1975. Funny story about that book. When I was around 11 years old, I saw with my cousin a horror movie about vampires. The film was old, and all I've remembered that it was very scary and deeply terrifying. After all these years I still remember the music which made me get goose bumps all! Few years ago I tried to find that film but i failed. 

Last month, I was at the library and there was some kind of Stephen King's day and all of his books was on sale. So I decided to buy this one. I opened and I started to read the introduction written by the author... and I found out that the film I was looking for was based on this book. It was a film from 1987 directed by Larry Cohen. I immediatly found it and watched it. Maybe it doesn't seem as scary as I remembered it, but still have something that make me feel the thrill. 

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

What a period!

This may is so exhausting! We have so much things to do. It is hard to get focused on one thing because there are thousands of new things coming up every single day... I really can't wait this to finish. Instead of walking at the park and enjoy the sun we have to read, write essays and make some linguistic analysis... which are fine during the winter but I think that we are too tired after all this year. And the spring came certainly too late. 

And I can not even say that the things are getting better... the exams are coming! Another chance to feel insecure, anxious and fearful. 

Hey, You there! Stay strong! The summer is coming! 

Monday, 8 May 2017

Spring, are you there?

It looks like this year spring has totally forgot about Poland and specially about Poznań. I was so happy about it to come and now I am just sad. I am no more even upset. It is just sad. This weather, the rain and this cold. It feels like the rainy autumn came to visit us again. 

Who knows, maybe the summer will make it up to us with an amazing, long, hot summer and with a kind, nice and gold autumn? I hope so, because everyone is just tired of this grey and cloudy sky. Wht's the metter with this weather? 

I keep beleving that the sun will come.. soon, veeery soon!!! As James Hetfield sings in The Day That Never Comes - "The sun will shine, this I swear"

 And for now just liesten to some good music and grab a cup of tasty coffe! 

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Wedding time! 

Two weeks ago, I had the honour to partecipate at a wedding. My best firend's sister was getting married, and he asked me to join him and partecipate at this special day. I agreed without hesitation because I love weddings! It is the time when you can but on the most beautiful dress you have, and do all the beauty stuff which sometimes you don't have time to do. I was super exited about it and also a bit nervous because I knew only a few people of their family and I dind't know what to expect.

It turned out that it was amazing! I can't remember when I've danced that much as at this wedding. We had a lot of fun and I've met a lot of nice and kind people, grooms's and bride's friends and the rest of the family. I definitly look forward to participate at the other one.. as a guest, of course!

Crazy month!

What a crazy month! A lot of things happened, I can't even realize how fast we've reached may! For easter I've spend a week in Italy, at my mom's house. It was a wonderful time, no stress, no worries, just home! I ate a lot of good dishe's and drank some ofe the most delisciouse Italian wine! the wheather wasn't always perfect but what is the most important that I had a chance to spend a few days with my family. That's are the most precious moments and we have to appreciate them a lot! 

I also had a chance to see some places near my mother's town. I've been in San Gimignano and Certaldo, wich is the city where Boccacio was born! it's totally charming, small village in the middle of Tuscany. This are the place I love the most..small, old villages situated up on a hill. It is breathtaking!

Friday, 7 April 2017

April 7

The time pass so fast! I remember Christmas, New Year Eve, Janurary... it's seem to be yesterday! But we are in the middle of semestre, at the begining of spring and I really don't know how fast we passed through this months! 

Sometimes I just sit for a while and think what I was doing last year at the same day. I was in Wrocław. That's for sure, and I think that I was different. I think about how I've changed in this year. I clearly learned a lot of thinks, also a lot of things have changed since that day. It is strange because I never think about such things, during a whole week I usually only get focused on daily stuff. I appreciate that sometimes I give myself this kind of reflections, it's is important to realize where our lifes are going!

This is also a special day for me, beacuse it's one of my best friends birthday! I know Jarek since I was in primary school, and we are still very close toghether! I wish you all the best!!!

Wednesday, 5 April 2017


I would like to introduce to you a polish singer who I discovered lately. Maybe she is not new to everyone, but I heard her music a few months ago.  Mrs Magda Grabowska-Wacławek, stage name Bovska. 

I must admit that at first her music was a bit strange for me, I liked only a couple of songs and she wasn't very a attractive artist for me. I felt courious about her because, finally, something new came on the polish music market. She was absolutely unsusual since the first sounds and for me she is far away from all the trash music that artist use to make nowadays. Her song "Kaktus" catch me the most! I was listening to it all days, again and again! BOVSKA - KAKTUS

A week ago I had a pleasure to partecipate at her concert in Wrocław! I was so suprised about her! I thought that she is very calm, peaceful and toned down person. It turns out that she is the opposite! She is so powerful, coluorful and vivid that she left me spechless from the start to the end. She field the room with an amazing energy, she started to dance and jump all around the stage. I was that suprised because her songs which are available on Youtube are not that energetic as she showed us at the gig. 

I think that she is the best choice for those who would like to know some knew kind of music this spring! If you will ever have the chance to listen to Bovska live, go and seee it yourself. She is like the rappresentation of the spring - she is bright, sunny, full of colour, energy, sun and smile :)