Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Salem's Lot

I love books, and I always find time to read them, even when I have a lot of things to do. Usually is before I go sleep, when I am comfortable in my bed, then I can relax and enjoy the lecture. It is because in the morning there is no time and usually in the afternoon I am busy with othe rstuff. 

I also always take my book with me when I am travelling. There is no better way to spend the time in the train or a bus than a book! Maybe music, but with a book the time pass really fast. I used to read in pubblic transports but now my flat is very close to the university and to the city centre so I don't youse trams and buses anymore.

Now I am reading "Salem's Lot", a horror fiction novel, written by Stephen King in 1975. Funny story about that book. When I was around 11 years old, I saw with my cousin a horror movie about vampires. The film was old, and all I've remembered that it was very scary and deeply terrifying. After all these years I still remember the music which made me get goose bumps all! Few years ago I tried to find that film but i failed. 

Last month, I was at the library and there was some kind of Stephen King's day and all of his books was on sale. So I decided to buy this one. I opened and I started to read the introduction written by the author... and I found out that the film I was looking for was based on this book. It was a film from 1987 directed by Larry Cohen. I immediatly found it and watched it. Maybe it doesn't seem as scary as I remembered it, but still have something that make me feel the thrill. 

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